Sharks Gacha !!!

GachaLand Rocks !!!! So this amazing summer swimsuit inspired me to throw a little pink dye in my hair and have some fun !!! The [Akuma Drops] Shark Week pink swimsuit ( rare # 11 gacha )  fits so beautifully to the body while that shark bite cut out shows off just the right amount of skin to be sexy!! I  am so happy [Akuma Drops] had floaties in this gacha ( rare # 10 gacha) they add a such a nice touch of summer fun. It paired perfectly with the super cute {Demicorn} Candy eyeshadow ( a GachaLand Exclusive!!) as well as the perfect pout from .Z Gacha Anetta Lips and the fresh beachy Mug – Lifestyles Beach Face. We can’t forget about the awesome decor items !!! Bee Designs gorgeous  Pool Decor Gacha set had me so excited to re decorate my pool area !!! Lovely alien‘s flower garden has the cutest ice cream treats on the block !!! Enjoy and make sure to tp over to GachaLand to get your hands on these amazing creations and much more!!!

GimmieGacha - Shark Attack 3_001

#15[^.^Ayashi^.^] Kanna hair-Summer set

[Akuma Drops] Shark Week – Floatie L & R – Gacha # 10 Rare

((LovelyAlien)) Flower Garden – Single Cone – Strawberry

[Akuma Drops] Shark Week – Swimsuit [Pink] # 11 Rare

GimmieGacha - Shark Attack 4_001

Bee Designs Pool Decor Gacha – Pictured –

#4 Rare , #6 Rare , # 9, #10, # 8, # 2

GimmieGacha - Shark Attack 2_001

{Demicorn} Candy Eyeshadow – Tangy – Gacha Land Exclusive

.Z Gacha Anetta #3 lips set

Mug – Lifestyles Gacha – #13 Beach Face

Nomiki Creations – Kawaii Panda Face Nails



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